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Monthly Archives: June, 2014

Don’t let time manage you! (part 5 of 5 Know the quality you have to deliver)

The last of the basic rules is about the quality of the work you have to do. Some of us use our own standards while others use the maximum quality … Continue reading

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Don’t let time manage you! (part 4 of 5 Decide and communicate!)

Now that we know how to plan, how to eliminate distractions and how to batch-process our tasks, it’s time to get down to the very basic skill you need to … Continue reading

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Don’t let time manage you! (part 3 of 5 plan your work)

There are always excuses not to use a planning. There are a thousand valid reasons for it. But reality shows, time and again, that working with a planning is much … Continue reading

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Don’t let time manage you! (part 2 of 5 eliminate all distractions)

We all know the situation. You’re hard at work at that report. The phone rings, you pick it up, listen and start doing whatever the other person asks. Then you … Continue reading

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Don’t let time manage you! (part 1 of 5 Don’t multitask!)

One of the major causes of success and failure, of stress or being ‘zen’ is the way we deal with time. Some use it to their advantage, and some get … Continue reading

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The power of one

The entire board was cheering, when she accepted the function of CEO. Now, so they declared later to the press, would make all the difference. They talked about here impressive … Continue reading

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What’s the collor of your world?

“An optimist is usually a pessimist who has not all the information” he told me. It was his way of pointing out that the world possibly wasn’t as nice a … Continue reading

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People and their solutions

It’s one of the major challenges we all face; letting go of our own perspective and find new ways to see and understand our environment. Besides that, it’s one of … Continue reading

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Three annoying habits of managers

Managers, like all people, have their own habits. Habits are shaped by our routines, ambitions and attitudes by repeating similar thinking patterns and actions. Once they become things that we … Continue reading

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