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3 ways to instantly motivate people

motivationUnderstanding how people think and react is one of the first skills a manager should have. It allows him or here to lead people in such a way that resistance is minimal and involvement is at a maximum. It offers everyone a job that offers fulfillment and the possibility to grow.

One of the most important benefits that understanding the human mind offers, is that is can save lots of time. It almost always offers you a shortcut to what you want to achieve. And one of those shortcuts is a fast way to motivate people.

I have no doubt that you understand how important motivation is. Motivation is the fuel that lets people grow beyond their own fears and doubts. It’s what makes the difference between doing OK and being a big success. So here are a few ways to motivate people on the fly:

Can you help me? I need your help!

Use this phrase in exactly this way, and the miracle will happen. Always. Asking people to help you, sends the message that you understand how important they are. That you understand that they have something (some knowledge) that superior to yours, and that it’s an important addition to the group.

It also indicates to people that you respect them for that. And it shows that a little bit of vulnerability. That could seem dangerous, but it isn’t. It puts you in the same plane with everyone else. And it let’s people know that that’s OK.

And it works, because of;

  • The repetition of the word ‘help’. By mentioning it twice, you will activate an old group instinct. We used to depend on each other much more in the past then we do today. So when someone of your group called for ‘help’, you went to help. You could not effort to loose a group member to a lion.
  • It gives recognition to people. It highlights their own unique skills and insights and the value they have for the group.
  • It’s an implicit sign of strong leadership, when it comes from someone who is confident and in control.
  • It sets a standard for the team, guiding everyone towards cooperation instead of competition.

Use this phrase at least once a day (and use with someone else every day), and you’ll see the overall involvement in your team increase in a few weeks! Just one thing you have to keep in mind; you can only do this, when you really have something you people to help you with. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, but there needs to be something real to do (even helping you draft an email could be sufficient).

Wow, that’s nice, I didn’t know that…. Could you explain that to me?

Do this every once so often, and amaze yourself with the effect it has on people. Don’t do it just whenever, but choose the opportunities carefully. Look for these skills you want that person to excel at. Find the moment when they tell something or do something that relates to that and you’re in.

This approach gives you just about all the benefits that asking for help will give you. And it lets people focus on the skills you want them to develop. You’ll start a nice positive spiral, where they do something excellent and then get to shine because of it. It assures you that they will continue to do that and grow in it.

A collateral bonus is the fact that you’ll receive gratitude and recognition for letting other people shine and given them a stage to perform on. It will improve your credibility as a manager and your skill to connect as a human being.

Thank you, that’s a big help!

There’s no substitute for thanking people. We have so many moments In a day that we can thank people, and we hardly ever do so. The art of gratitude is a hard one. It requires that we admit that someone else has done something special for us. That’s what ‘thank you’ does.

We do not like people to think that we are in their debt. But as far as connecting to people goes, it’s far better to have people think that we are indebted to them then the other way around.

Try it in the most spectacular way

So here you have three ways to motivate people every day. If you’re not convinced of their impact, do an experiment. Do a most spectacular experiment to convince yourself. Here’s how you do it:

First choose a colleague that you do not like. Someone you’re always quarrelling with. Someone you always disagree with. Then ask him or here to help you. Not with something trivial, but with something important. (And allow them to help, do not push your own idea or vision).

When done, say that they’ve done a nice job, and you didn’t knew how to do it and ask them to explain it to you. Finally thank him or here for the help and see what will happen over the next few days. (you could consider sending them an email the next day, again thanking them for their help).

Just do it! (Here’s that slogan again). You’ll not only take a huge leap forward in your interpersonal relationship with you colleague, but your chef will also notice it, as will your pears. You’ll be scoring big-time on every front!


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