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communicatie3When people say you need better ‘people skils’ they actually mean to say you need better communication skils. When people critisize you about your leadership style, they are telling yoy that you need to be a better communicator.

Almost any stumbelingstone in your – ar for that matter anyone’s –carreer, is related to communication. Communication is the glue that holds our society together. Regardless of you function, better communication equals more and better opportunities.

So it shall come a s no surprize that in my job as a coach, communication is one of the major issues I tackel with my partners. Being an excellent communicator allow you to speed up your carreer, to get buy-in from people for your project, to organize a bettor cooperation with others, to get better deals when you buy something, to have more friends and connect faster with just about anyone…

The list goes on and on. The benefits of being an excellen communicator seem to be endless. And yet, we never get any training in communication, worthy of that name. It’s not in any school program, not in any MBA program, management training, sales training…

Well, sometimes there’s something that’s called ‘communication’, but it’s almost always beside the point. I see it everyday. Again and again. We communicate starting from fals assumptions, wrong communication models and using only a small part of the powerfull instrument that communicatoon can be.

Next Monday (August 18th) the first online module at the mailmentor website ( will come online. About 14 days before the official launch. And yes, it’s all about communication. Do you want to improve your situation, get more opportenities, advance faster in your carreer, eliminate a lot of misunderstandings in your life? Here’s your chance. Subscribe now and start becoming a better communicater from the first day.


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This entry was posted on 16 August 2014 by in Updates.
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