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The best trainer for your team

trainingpackOften managers look fort an external trainer to train their team. In itself, that’s a good solution, training people is a skill that’s scarce amongst managers. However, the impact of a training given by the manager himself, always, without exception, has a far bigger impact on the routines and results of the team then an external training.

Now I understand there are some obstacles tio do that with a minimal degree of success. You have bnot had any training informing you how to train your team. And you think you dot have the time for it. But believe me that skill can be acquired and instead of costing you time, it will save you a great deal of time. (And, even more important – it will let you reap results far beyond your expectations).

What a difference a manager can make

Here are some results we’ve monitored in some real life situations. For this experiment, we’ve used a sales training, a training of a customer care team, and outbound call center team and a communication training for managers.

For all these groups, we’ve divided them into four. Two groups that where trained by an external expert, two teams that where trained by their own managers. We supported those manager by building a specific training guide for them. A guide that indicated how they had to do it, why and when and that included the basic content for the training. We also included a follow-up guide and a system to find and build examples that are relevant to the team they where training.

Then our involvement stopped. We came back six months later and started measuring the real results of the training. Our main focus was directed towards four crucial indicators;

  1. What did they remember from the theory presented (we had everyone take a test based on the content of the training)
  2. How well did they integrate that knowledge in their daily routines (for this, we did co-visits with the participants, lor followed them in action)
  3. How did this influence their results (this we could easily find in the main company data)
  4. How did they feel about the training (we asked them to tell us if and how the training changed their approach and knowledge of their job).

To our big surprise (we are external trainers ourselves), the training given by the managers scored far better then the training by the specialists. Every time, and the scores were at least double as good when the manager trained his own team.

Why did this happen?

There are many reasons why this happened. Here are the most important reasons for their success;

The training was divided into small chunks, spread out over many weeks. So people had the time to digest the insights and integrate them into their approach.

The ‘trainer’ was always available and – at least as important, since he gave the training, his coaching matched the training exactly.

People felt that since the training came from their manager, it was completely in line with the challenges they faced on a day-to-day basis. So it had more credibility.

People also felt that since the insights came from their own management, it was most certainly completely in line with the company vision and values. It gave them the feeling that they now knew exactly what was expected from them.

Do not start yet

Before you go running of and start training your team, wait for just a moment and read the following carefully;

  • This only works when you have the correct methodology and an excellent framework to offer the training.
  • This only works if you know how to present the information and use the right system to follow-up on your effort.
  • Unless you’ve got the basic guidelines, you will overload yourself and waste your time.

To accommodate you

To accommodate managers who are willing to increase the efficiency and results of their team, we’ve setup a special service. If you are willing to improve your team’s ability to perform better, we can help you and build a tailor made training pack for you.

Based on your input (what do you want to teach your team) we build a complete scenario, including pedagogic techniques and follow-up systems so you can train your team successfully. It has two distinct advantages to do this (even if you’ve got some cold water fear). First of all, it will be a training that’s at least twice as effective as any other training you can organize. And second, it will cost you far less then an external training. You’ll save up to 80% or 90% of your budget!

If you think it will take a lot of your time, I disagree. The packs are set-up in such a way, that you can include them in your normal team meetings, one or two hours at the time.


Whenever I propose this approach to partners, there’s a lot of initial resistance. Managers are not trainers. They have no time to do this. They will not have the necessary credibility.   The list goes on. And, looking from their side of the story, they all sound like valid arguments.

However, when we see the results, whenever people try it anyway – as a test case – we always see the same result. After experiencing the results, they keep on ordering training packs for managers.

So if you want to take a giant leap forward, try it and amaze yourself and your organization by showing them what a difference a great manager can make by training his own team. It’s a win-win-win-win situation. You’ll win (improved results), your team members will win (more results, more confidence, higher self-esteem…) your organization will win (better results), and finally, your customers will win (they will get a better service).

To kick start this approach, you can take advantage of our special offer, and get a 50% discount on the first pack you order (until September 30th 2014) and pay half the price.

Go to this page, and start building your personalized pack. If we need more information, we’ll contact you. In about 10 working days, you’ll get your personalized training guide. It’s the fastest way to better results.

(our specialists who build the packs can only handle a limited number of packs at the time, we always work on a first come/first served basis).

More information?

If you want to learn more about these packs, just follow this link.


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