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Logic and results

“Look”, he said, “Woman just can’t handle a job like this, that’s why we prefer man for our executive jobs”. I was surprised and – needles to say – I … Continue reading

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Why don’t people listen to you?

Do you recognize the situation? You talk to someone. You explain it all in great detail. And later you notice that they didn’t hear you or misunderstood you. Frustrating, to … Continue reading

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Implementing change effectively

Worldwide we see manager struggle to implement changes. Every time a new procedure has to be implemented, every time a new approach is needed, they encounter resistance and sabotage. Yes, … Continue reading

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3 ways to instantly motivate people

Understanding how people think and react is one of the first skills a manager should have. It allows him or here to lead people in such a way that resistance … Continue reading

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The economic stupidity of racism

Racism is the result of fear, always. It has to do with loosing the self-image of a group that deems itself superior. Admitting that others are not less then we … Continue reading

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What’s the collor of your world?

“An optimist is usually a pessimist who has not all the information” he told me. It was his way of pointing out that the world possibly wasn’t as nice a … Continue reading

4 June 2014 · Leave a comment

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