New Business Revolution

A blog by Peter Stinckens


Hi, My name is Peter Stinckens (Just Peter is OK, I know my surname is hard to pronounce in many parts of the world). I was born about fifty years ago, in 1963 in Bocholt, a small town in the north of Belgium, just about 80 miles from Brussels.

Before starting university at the Catholic University at Leuven (one of the oldest and most prestige’s in the world), I studied economics (St Michaels’ College) and got a higher degree in music (at the NIKO).

Age 17, I left for Leuven where studied Philosophy, Musicology and Psychology. After the mandatory year of military service (In Liège), I started working in Leuven. I started out as a shop manager (Musical Instruments) en continued my career is a sales rep, Key Account manager, Sales Director, Plant manager, Branch manager and as a CEO.

Meanwhile I did some studies in Telematics (Industrial High school Antwerp/Maline) and got an MBA. In 2003 I decided to take a sabbatical year, and get ready to get married (which I did in 2004 with Saartje. We now have 3 children and are living in Boutersem, Belgium).


The sabbatical lasted exactly 3 weeks, when I got a call from a former colleague CEO, who asked me to come and help him out with some challenges he faced. That was the end of my free time. I started my own consultancy and never looked back.

In 2005 I incorporated the organization (House Of Imagination bvba). Today, twelve years on, I help and serve a vast number of local and multi-national companies. I coach, train, consult an audit organizations and managers. And I do it with a considerable amount of success.

My insatiable curiosity for the working of the human mind, combined with my vast experience allow me to find unexpected but hugely successful solutions for a vast number of challenges entrepreneurs, managers and companies face.

Now, age 50, I still love what I do. To challenge myself, I regularly take up missions as crisis manager, interim C-Level and try to associate myself with several companies (one at the time) in different fields of endeavor, just to understand how our (business)world works on an ever larger scale.

The current company I work with, as an extra external specialist, is Supply Plus, a company mainly offering services and support on the supply chain side of a company. A place where my experience and expertise are greatly appreciated. And also a company I have great respect for, not just for the daring concept they offer, but especially for the incredible results they realize for their partners.

In the past twelve years, I wrote about 14 books (sorry, only in Dutch) that where downloaded or went over the counter for (currently) over 1.000.000 times. In a language area of about 26 million people, that’s – to the best of my knowledge – the most a business writer ever achieved.

The next book, will be released in both Dutch and English (get more information here) Translations of earlier books wil come available when they get reprinted (first ones are planned for 2015, so be patient please).

For more information, please feel free to visit my main website


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