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CrowdfrontlargeOver the last twelve years, I’ve been working with a lot of international and global organizations. This allowed me to develop training and coaching systems that are both effective and usable. Now this vast experience translates into several online training and coaching programs that are available for everyone. And, yes, at an affordable price!

Effective leadership

effective-leaderThis offers you a ten weeks guided course that will help you to improve your management and leadership skills in an efficient and fast way.

One session is added each week. You can follow it whenever you have the time (it takes about one to two hours per session). You can post all your questions on the forum and interact with other students.

But you can also send them to Peter, and get direct feedback. Each week starts with a little test, to see if you’ve well digested last weeks’ knowledge and insights.

At the end of the ten weeks, you can do the certification test. If you succeed, you’ll get the certificate and – as a bonus – an extra session about time management for managers

In ten weeks you will learn;

  • How to be an effective manager
  • How to develop a high performance team
  • How to manage difficult behaviors

This course starts on Monday September 15th. All-in price € 199,65 (reductions for groups; > 5 = 10% and > 15 = 20%)

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Coaching like a pro

top_coachThis module helps managers to become efficient coaches. Learn how you can coach people, how to follow-up the results and how to do all this in the limited time you have.

This five-week module helps you understand why certain approaches work, and why others don’t. It will guide you toward an easy but very effective way of coaching, based on the way our brains work.

In a step-by-step way, you’ll find your own personal best way to handle coaching. You’ll discover how you can teach, motivate and guide people towards higher standards. A must follow for all managers, ven if you already have good results with coaching, this will improve tem dramatically.

In five weeks you’ll learn;

  • How to coach effectively
  • How to save loads of time by choosing the right approach
  • How to reap the benefits of a coaching project

This course starts on Monday September 8th. All-in price € 99,22 (reductions for groups; > 5 = 10% and > 15 = 20%)

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Personal coaching

coachingNeed to grow your results fast? Need assistance of a strategic specialist? Need support in developping your interaction and communication skills? Take advantage of the possibility to be coached by one of the greatest experts in the field.

Peter offers coaching via skype and supported by a personal eModule, where additional tools, sefassessments, information, knowledge and insights are always available for you.

Via a dedicated phone number you can contact your coach at any time. Two formal sessions a moth will help you grow faster then you coul possibly imagine!

The number of slots is limited. So be sure to order before all slots are taken. All-in price € 284,35/month

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High Performance Communication

communicatie3There’s no doubt that being a great communicator is the one basic skill everyone needs to achieve success.   This training will help you master 3 basic principles in successful communication.

This is an open course that focuses on 3 main principles. 3 principles we seldom use, but also 3 principles that will make a world of difference for everyone who uses them consistently.

Be understood! Make people listen to what you have to say! Connect with anyone in a matter of minutes! Get people’s help and support! Convince people of your ideas or projects! All that and more is available to you! All you have to do is subscribe to this course and start your progress right now!

This module has 4 sessions. You can follow them whenever you like and at any speed you like. The all-in price for these module is € 54,45 (ex VAT is € 45,00)

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive your course key and you can start growing immediately!

(This course will be accessible starting Monday August 18th )

Use this page to sign up


Need more information?  Feel free to use the contact form


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